Video is what we make, but STORY is why we do.

Everything begins—and ends—with story. Story transforms simple information into meaning, mere plot into a journey. Story can both describe our lives and change them - the stories we tell define who we are. 

FE Studios helps connect audiences with what is essential and true about the individuals, businesses, and non-profits with whom we partner. This is a passion, not a strategy. Every project is a collaboration with our clients. It begins by gathering the rich and complex details of their story. We articulate and visualize that information to both effectively communicate key information and evoke the emotional resonance of their story. We produce visual narratives that allow audiences to experience the details and depth of your full and vibrant story.

That process begins with discovery. Our creative team gathers information to better understand the information each client hopes to share. That conversation will help us understand the motivation and values of each client, the emotional core which drives their story.

During pre-production, we script and layout the video, cast performers, scout locations for shooting, and schedule the call sheets that will define the timeline for the shoot.

In the production phase, we direct the cast and crew, capture video and still footage, record audio for voice-over and background—all the essential elements to produce a complete narrative.

Finally, post-production brings these raw materials together. We edit the raw footage into a lean and direct narrative, then incorporate graphics and animation elements with color and sound techniques to produce a well-crafted, emotionally-resonant narrative to connect your audience to your story.